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Consulting Services:

No matter what your company's products or services are, all levels of management need information and a means of analysis to help them build understanding and make important business-critical decisions. They increasingly need accurate and timely strategic business information, supported by fast and intuitive access, and the capacity for powerful reporting and analysis. They won't get this information easily from their operational transaction system reports nor even their Data Warehouse. This can only be achieved with Business Intelligence systems using OLAP databases. BI is essential for any modern, forward-thinking organization.

OLAP Systems can assist you in all aspects of your OLAP database initiatives. Our role can be limited to just consultative project guidance or, on the other end of the spectrum, it can include the development of everything from the source data extraction through to the Windows or Web front-end interface.

  • Current state analysis of BI processes and technologies.
  • Joint application design (JAD) sessions.
  • Software package evaluation.
  • Proofs of concept and prototyping.
  • Project planning and/or management.
  • Source data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
  • BI Software package installation and tuning.
  • Consolidation and Planning Techniques.
  • Customized analytical software development for Windows or Web clients.
  • Customized training to end-users and system administrators.
  • Production implementation and automation.
  • Post implementation support.
  • Mentoring and skills transfer.

Software Development:

OLAP Systems' software developers provide custom software solutions to our clients Business Intelligence needs. Combining proven expertise in OLAP technology and an understanding of emerging business trends, OLAP Systems delivers a range of software development services that leverage multi-dimensional databases.

Our highly experienced VB/VBA and, C++ programmers have developed custom software solutions for many applications and clients. From software design and architecture, to prototyping, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and enhancements, OLAP Systems has the expertise that our clients require.

OLAP Systems' experts have worked on jobs that can be large or small, and have ranged from several hours developing a prototype Excel / VBA planning templates, to several months engaged in architecting and developing a custom or general consumer product in Visual C++.